Our History 

Realizing the desire for a local daylily club in the midlands of South Carolina, Peggy and Jim Jeffcoat sent out written invitations to all known interested persons in the midlands of South Carolina, inviting them to a meeting on April 5, 1987. Twenty-five persons responded and gathered to discuss the possibility of organizing a local club at Clemson Sandhills Research and Education Center in northeast Columbia, SC. Peggy led the group, reporting that there had been a South Carolina Hemerocallis Society which was founded in 1953 and had been supported by the late Charlotte Holman, Loy Singletary and Laura Sims. That organization had not been active for a good many years. Peggy asked if the group would like to reorganize the old society or start a new club. The group was indeed interested in forming a club to promote daylilies and unanimously voted to organize a new club choosing the name Mid-Carolina Daylily Society.

We welcome you to sit in on our regularly scheduled meetings and decide for yourself whether you’d like to join us here at the Mid-Carolina Daylily Society!  As many have said, “You come for the daylily, you stay for the people.”  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!  We’re also on Facebook at: Mid-Carolina Daylily Society @ Facebook


The American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) voted last year to change their name to the American Daylily Society (ADS).  I agree that it was a wise decision and it will make it easier for people the world over to get in touch with them.  Bravo!

Our new club logo is CATAWAMPUS (Jeffcoat, J. 2004) painted by Carolyn Rightsell.  Catawampus was Third Place Runner-up to the President’s Cup at the ADS National Convention in Myrtle Beach in 2018 and Second Place Runner up for Ned Roberts Spider/Unusual Form Award.  It also has won Best Clump of a Region 15 hybridizer in a garden on tour at one of our Region 15 Summer Meetings.

Hybridizer:    Jeffcoat
Year of Registration or Introduction: 2004
Ploidy: Tetraploid
Foliage type: Semi-evergreen
Scape height: 47 inches
Bloom size: 7.5 inches
Bloom time: Midseason
Plant Traits: Diurnal
Bud Count: 16-20
Branching: 3-way
Bloom Traits: Self
Bloom Form: Unusual Form
Unusual Form – Cascade
Color description: tomato red self above green throat
AHS Awards: JC: 2003
    Red Suspenders x unknown
It’s a New Year and we’re looking forward to seeing all of your 
bright, smiling faces in 2020!
Our Notebook inserts will be forthcoming shortly and you can simply take out
the program pages and replace those with this year’s programs.  If any other
information changes we will pass out those pages as well.  

See you on January 12th, 2pm at Asbury Memorial Methodist Church.
While our focus is on daylily culture and it’s many aspects, it’s not at all strictly business as we regularly enjoy good fellowship and food while learning about growing and hybridizing daylilies! Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hybridizer we’d like to invite you to come on out and meet others who are passionate about daylilies and who are eager to share all they’ve learned with you! 
PLEASE NOTE:   Updated 9/20/2019  Due to a fire in December, 2018 which caused extensive damage to our regular meeting place (below), we are now meeting at the Asbury United Methodist Church on Leesburg Rd., Columbia, SC until further notice.  Meeting time is 2 pm.
MCDS meets on the second Sunday of the month, with the exception of June, July and August, when there are no meetings, at the Garden Club Council Building in Maxcy Gregg Park, 1605 Park St, Columbia SC at 2:00 pm.
“Measure of Happiness”  
(Selman, 2009)

If you’ve ever seen a beautiful daylily that captured your eye you know for a fact that “beautiful” never goes out of style.  There’s something for all tastes to love these days and we look forward to having you join us!  
Did you know that the genus, Hemerocallis, was so named to reference the fleeting beauty of the blooms?  Hemerocallis in the Greek means, “beauty for a day.” Each daylily bloom lasts for one day but there’s no need to worry as there’s sure to be more where that one came from!  
As a daylily club, we often get to enjoy local, Regional and National garden venues and visit the many beautiful daylily gardens and farms that are a part of the vast ADS (AHS) network.  You haven’t lived until you’ve seen acres of daylilies in bloom at the same time!  We’re fortunate to meet and talk with different growers and hybridizers, some who’ve been cultivating their various introductions for many years, decades even!  There are so many fabulous hybridizers these days, some are doing cutting edge hybridizing, others are preserving the well loved forms we all know, and of course, there’s always the backyard piddlers who love to dabble in the business of making their own creations and let’s not forget those who grow them for their beauty alone!  The best part is we get to meet other club members and marvelous people from around the country, making lots of new friends!
 “Peggy Jeffcoat”  (Joiner, J. 1995)

Beverly Breuer, President
Sheila Caldon, Vice President
Cassie Craig, Secretary
Peggy Jeffcoat, Treasurer

Membership dues are $10.00 per person per year.  
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